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Eclipson EGW80 Kit

Eclipson EGW80 Kit

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Eclipson EGW-80 also known as the "Graywing" was designed to accomplish 3 main objectives: Cheap, fast and easy to fly. It is cheaper because it uses less material than similar designs, and uses our "standard" recommended electronics, The recommended camera/VTX is the Eachine TX02, you don´t need a flight controller or anything else to fly FPV with this model. It is fast because it features a low drag design, thin airfoil, flying wing concept, and clean fuselage... everything has been designed to get a fast and agile aircraft. By printing this aircraft with LW-PLA the flying speed is reduced and hand launch is much easier. Despite the swept wing concept we have been very careful with the wing design and any tip stalling or other bad behavior isn't seen above the stall speed.

STALL SPEED:           27kmh
WING LOADING:      36g/dm²
WING SPAN:                 800mm
WING SURFACE:           13dm2
LENGTH:                       750mm

*All airplanes are made to order and have at least a 1 week lead time. All airplanes also include 1 download of the digital files so you can print replacement parts at home. We will confirm your estimated ship date after your order is placed and added to our production schedule.


At this time all of our planes are being 3D printed in lightweight PLA, with the exception of landing gear, wing joiners, and other high stress components which we print in a tough PLA copolymer.

The lightweight PLA is not colored, printing with an off white matt finish. It will except spray paint well, and decals can be applied over the paint. All tough PLA parts are printed in white.

Shipping & Returns

Due to the nature of RC airplane building and flying, we can not accept returns on our products.

What's Included

Kits include all 3D printed components and materials needed to assemble plane. No electronics are included.

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