About 3D Aviators

Approximately three years ago, Eclipson approached us with an intriguing proposal. They sought our assistance in producing some of their airplanes for video production on the renowned FliteTest YouTube channel. Intrigued by their products, we accepted the opportunity and started creating aircraft for various videos. It wasn't long before we contemplated making these airplanes available for retail purchase.

The experience of building and flying these airplanes and becoming part of this passionate community has proven to be irresistibly fun and rewarding. Therefore, we made the decision to partner with Eclipson and produce their airplane kits for sale. Each aircraft is meticulously crafted to order and hand checked in order to satisfy our rigorous quality requirements.

By combining our numerous years of 3D-Printing expertise with the excitement of producing high-quality airplane kits, we strive to offer our customers a truly exceptional experience that blends innovation, precision, and the joy of flight.